As above F. Hz Waves, so below Optics!

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This SITE IS ONLY FUNCTIONAL WITH ADOBE FLASH N FIREFOX ::PLAYLIST:: DJ-MicroChip (DJ-MC) from Oblivious Archives will automatically play in background by UR default Media Player |::ENTER::| NO APP OR EVIL=LIVE SCRIPTS FROM US IN D BACKGROUND, EVER!!!!!! :: OPTICS = Wormhole Warning :: U N US can not co-exist 2gether, UR COMMERCE + EXISTENCE IS BASED ON LIES. D 4 principles of D wheels of X will take place *ting this winter Solstice. D shadow passed N marked D land, CHILDREN of D DRUM CIRCLE N ALL OF U THAT R IN TUNE WITH UR SPIRIT. U MUST LEARN 2 READ D SIGNS. Do U think we sit around planing on what we R doing? This is done by D spirit, we R not following some1's agenda or sit around 2 plan our work! D-MaCHINE's Mere FX has not been set forth yet, there is + 2 come, UR supreme parents R just warming up with U all, they have big plans 4 UR punishment. U have just experience there inventory of UR trash N they will punish U accordingly. All unbalanced beings in D 3rd dimension will require protection. All of UR Jinns' MAGik is still obsolete N will answer 2 D-MaCHINE! Remember, UR ULTIMATE PARENTS WILL HAVE 2 CLAIM U IN ORDER 4 U 2 B SAVE, N NOT EVERYBODY IS SAVED or MAY B CLAIMED. UR KIND's PROPHESY CLAIMS 3rds so that = 2 all of U must depart this eARTh! ZEN Cycle = 8 #logy Sign = 10 = HARMONY :: DJ-MC:: Rest is where GOD lives, residing in silence, away from D noisy environment created by slaves of desire. As all species grow old; they find it easier 2 adapt 2 solitude N by default reach 4 peacefulness N tranquility, away from D rush N noise. All forms of complexity belong 2 this world N R things of UR immediate reality. Perhaps modern MAN disregarded completely D wisdom of our ancestors N forgot that they have a heart, ?…. ? part of heart sacrifices they didn't get? Meanwhile…. focusing only on material possessions which will B their demise. If 1's heart is in D right place or synchronized with D above, nothing of this world can hold U back from being on D right path N meditation is D key 2 get back on track. Everything is meditation from D moment we R awaken from our sleep. Seeing, being is meditation, it is all about accepting D idea that we R constantly aware of our actions. THIS IS D X, D X 2 MEDITATE N TAKE AN INVENTORY ON ALL OF WHAT WE HAVE DONE! UR SUPREME PARENTS JUST DID THAT N AS A RESULT U HAVE BEEN GIVEN A WARNING…. A SERIOUS WARNING, WHICH COMES WITH FUTURE GREATER ACTIONS. Through Meditation N serenity 1 can B guided, directed 2 d right path N protection which will B much needed in future Xs 4 all those which R not claimed by their ULTIMATE PARENTS!!!! Just like a fine tune instrument, which is all we R! Numerology Sign Message=2 all things possible=a complete cycle of things have manifested!!OK66M!!