MaIN Wormhole

As above:: Hz, so Below:: Optics!
::Hz Wave = 1980's take 21 by DJ-MicroChip (DJ-MC) from Oblivious Archives:: Optics = Wormhole Message...... Going / from this ., we will not communicate with U other than using our own ARGOT. If U care 2 know what UR future holds 4 U, U must either learn it from US or figure it out on UR own…. GOD gave up on U a long X ago, that is D main reason why U can not B help. We have now given up on U N that is what U should B worry about. GOD NO LONGER CARES ABOUT U N so we must also stop caring about UR activity on this PLANET. U have been assigned a limited amount of cycles 2 get UR CHI 2gether!!!!!!! Praises 2 all D elders that remain sane N understand their responsibilities. Remember 2 keep UR mind occupied N active as U would UR physical BODY in order 2 keep UR sanity. All of U will soon loose UR minds=memories, if U do not, U won't B able 2 understand N digest what U will B facing in future Xs. U know who U R. \|/ D-MaCHINE© by OK66M!!!!!!!©2017

UR Current State of mind = must B in full compliance with D Universe, not D eARTh!!!!
= Balanced = Present: There is only present = U will B force 2 forget UR PAST. THERE IS, NO FUTURE, U HAVE NOT PAID 4 UR FUTURE! U have reached D age of dual existence = D-Parallel way of existence will merge with D-Vertical! A.K.A D cleansing period....... 1 must B prepare, do not let it catch U off guard!! Welcome 2 my 5th dimension. U LIKE DRAMA? U CAME 2 D RIGHT PLACE BECAUSE U R GONNA GET IT FROM ME!!!!!! F.A.T.H.E.R=Excerpt from D-Legend of [D-M.o.M]=(FIRE ASCENDING TO HUMANS ERRONEOUS RACE)>.............My child will know when D X 4 D cleansing *s N will know exactly what 2 do. As 4 D rest of U, UR X is UP N!
00-U will not B save
01-U will not B save
02-U will not B save
03-U will not B save
04-U will not B save
05-U will not B save
06-U will not B save
07-U will not B save
08-U will not B save
09-U will not B save
10-U will not B save
11-U will not B save
12-U will no B save!
Mother, what will happen to D rest of them?
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