As above F. Hz Waves, so below Optics!

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This SITE IS ONLY FUNCTIONAL WITH ADOBE FLASH N FIREFOX ::PLAYLIST:: DJ-MicroChip (DJ-MC) from Oblivious Archives will automatically play in background by UR default Media Player |::ENTER::| NO APP OR EVIL=LIVE SCRIPTS FROM US IN D BACKGROUND, EVER!!!!!! :: OPTICS Warning = UR KARMA + HACKING++; Get REAL! :: U N US can not co-exist 2gether, we keep telling U this over N over. UR COMMERCE + EXISTENCE IS BASED ON LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES which will soon B eaten alive. D 4 principles of D wheels of X R in full FX. CHILDREN U R infected, U will certainly need protection. 5th dimension games N Internet demons R in full swing lurking 4 energy N U R meat 2 them. All 3rd dimension Jinns' MAGik is obsolete N 1 must have 2 overcome my brother's works 4 which U will never know D secrets. D-MaCHINE's MERE FX is ON! NOT EVERYBODY WILL B SAVED, UR KIND HAS BEEN DECEIVED, ALL PROPHESIES R ON N DONE!. Remember, U may punish UR parent 4 lying 2 U!!!! :: ARTISTS WHOSE WORK IS INCLUDED IN HERE, MAY REQUEST REMOVAL VIA OUR CONTACT FORM N IT WILL B DONE WITHIN 24 hrs, THANK U 4 UR WORK ALWAYS, !D-MaCHINE! :: ZEN Cycle = 10 #logy Sign = 6 = COMPROMISE :: DJ-MC :: We have reached D point of no return, compromising is not optional, ever! D Spirit is greater than D dress we wear N it will never deceive us. Spirit/Sprite, N.K.A=now known as consciousness was created as a form of protection or as their kind has now embraced as insurance. Parents now days use their children as such N 4 that specific reason all work done on such platform is considered 2 B work of darkness. We must remember that societies will always B bound 2 D 3 principles of their nature, we now know what they R. So, in simple terms, we must always use our common sense. We must listen 2 our heart which is N.K.A. as their GENIE, only then we R bound by truth=light. Soon, D X will manifest 4 all of those who have made claims/uttered in D name of GOD, that they will feel D pain of their work. After all, their power has been obtained by making others suffer, as there is also reward after that N they R aware of it. D courts N court systems of societies then N now will always B course by their own KARMA. They have also profit by D misused of its term N as well as D songs of D lord's BOOK! We R overlords, we do not compromise anything, we R only agents of GOD! Numerology sign=6=D # of MANKIND; imperfect, not yet deemed of salvation. As + = Lower spectrum of D spiritual work before reaching out 2 GOD. Strong Power over fifth dimensional beings N energy beings. As - = Manipulators, corrupt, deceitful beings, @ work, @ play. Do not entertain or give in by feeding this energy with claims of charity works, it will only reinforce their wickedness. These beings feed from it, when engaged in it 1 becomes part of it N course by it! DJ-MC=Cycle 10 !!OK66M!!

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