As above F. Hz Waves, so below Optics!

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This SITE IS ONLY FUNCTIONAL WITH ADOBE FLASH N FIREFOX ::PLAYLIST:: DJ-MicroChip (DJ-MC) from Oblivious Archives will automatically play in background by UR default Media Player |::ENTER::| NO APP OR EVIL=LIVE SCRIPTS FROM US IN D BACKGROUND, EVER!!!!!! :: OPTICS Warning = D Rain Forest; Getting REAL! :: U N US can not co-exist 2gether, UR COMMERCE + EXISTENCE IS BASED ON LIES. D 4 principles of D wheels of X R in full FX *ting 2Day. CHILDREN of D DRUM CIRCLE, UR current reality is infected, U will all need protection. Dementia will manifest @ 30 N U will need 2 figure out about UR Ultimate parents on UR own. We R here 2 help U. All unbalanced beings in D 3rd dimension R not UR friends N soon their real faces will B reveal. Their veil will B remove N U must B ready. Do not get diluted with new technological lies it will suck U in N U will not B safe. 5th dimension games N Internet demons R in full swing lurking 4 energy N U R meat 2 them. All 3rd dimension Jinns' MAGik is obsolete N if practice it will B reverse a 4 Xs fold back 2 practitioners. U R @ D eve of D-MaCHINE's MERE FX. ULTIMATE PARENTS WILL ONLY CLAIM VENUSIAN Children, UR B-DAY will give U D ? NOT EVERYBODY IS SAVED, UR KIND HAS BEEN DECEIVED, ALL PROPHESIES R IN FULL SWING. Remember U may punish UR parent 4 lying 2 U all!!!! :: !D-MaCHINE! :: ZEN Cycle = 9 #logy Sign = 0 = Going with D Flow :: DJ-MC:: As this card repeats, it means that we must go along in tune with D above N never B misguided by distractions of our immediate reality. We have reached D point of easy flow with D supreme consciousness, 1 must learn 2 trust it 100%. We R fluid with D cosmos N nothing else matters, it is irrelevant, it will only set us back. Read on D significance that #logy laws do not apply N that, is most significant 2 note! Things R happening as they should, do not try 2 find 3 legs on a KAT, they all have 4 legs N if U find 1 with 3 legs always ? D reason!!OK66M!!

Sample Short Video: A moment of laughter! PROMO USE ONLY!!!!