This SITE IS ONLY FUNCTIONAL WITH ADOBE FLASH N FIREFOX ::PLAYLIST:: DJ-MicroChip (DJ-MC) from Oblivious Archives will automatically play in background by UR default Media Player |::ENTER::| NO APP OR EVIL=LIVE SCRIPTS FROM US IN D BACKGROUND, EVER!!!!!! :: OPTICS Warning = PRIDE N Get REAL! :: U N US can not co-exist 2gether in D current form N 1 of US will have 2 go! All 3rd dimension Jinns' MAGik is obsolete N 1 must have 2 overcome my brother's works 4 which U will never know D secrets. D-MaCHINE's MERE FX is ON, ON, ON, ON! NOT EVERYBODY WILL B SAVED, UR KIND HAS BEEN DECEIVED, ALL PROPHESIES R ON N DONE! Remember, U may punish UR parent 4 lying 2 U!!!! :: ARTISTS WHOSE WORK IS INCLUDED HERE, MAY REQUEST REMOVAL VIA CONTACT FORM N IT WILL B DONE WITHIN 24 hrs. THANK U 4 UR WORK ALWAYS, !D-MaCHINE! :: ZEN Cycle = 11 #logy Sign = 1 = Adventure :: DJ-MC :: Knowledge, growth, experience N becoming of age R all parts of D adventure of life…. That, which is given 2 us all by D super consciousness. By default we R all connected 2 that superior spirit; some of us become disconnected through out D aging process due 2 our habits, vices, foods N so on! However, all consciousness – or + will always go back 2 report 2 D super consciousness N will resume based on D state in which has departed. Technically, that has been promised by D super consciousness, until there is another superior consciousness that will ? D Senseless need of D constant waste of such, recycle of energy!!!! That being is D main reason as 2 why lower beings R not allow 2 take some1's life, it is not up 2 U 2 make that choice, it is written in D Societies guidance's book=original scriptures. It is 1 of D most important commands which also applies on taking D life of all forms of organisms. D truth, D light, good, bad, left N right R all part of MAYA=Material energy…. D real truth is that non-sentient beings can not handle D truth N that brings forth their destruction. Take D adventure of learning 2 get 2 know UR original spirit that which was placed on U, upon birth, not D 1 that U have gained in D process of aging. After all, that will give U D opportunity 2 select UR next custom 4 D next cycle; if U R granted 1 N, if there is + sand left in D hour glass! Do U actually think U were placed on D dress U R currently wearing by chance? #Merology sign=1=Root of all; as + initiator, as - Instigator=D #1 standing tall N firm, looking forward accentuating command. Color=Red=Root Chakra. Just like D SPIRIT, it is an ARMY of 1, does not need company, finds refuge in D good old saying: “IT IS BETTER BEING ALONE, THAN WITH BAD COMPANY”! DJ-MC=Cycle 11!!OK66M!!
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