As above F. Hz Waves, so below Optics!

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This SITE IS ONLY FUNCTIONAL WITH ADOBE FLASH N FIREFOX ::PLAYLIST:: DJ-MicroChip (DJ-MC) from Oblivious Archives will automatically play in background by UR default Media Player |::ENTER::| NO APP OR EVIL=LIVE SCRIPTS FROM US IN D BACKGROUND, EVER!!!!!! :: OPTICS = Wormhole Warning :: U N US can not co-exist 2gether, UR COMMERCE + EXISTENCE IS BASED ON LIES. D 4 principles of D wheels of X will take place *ting this winter Solstice. After D shadow passes D E N marks D land, D order 4 D-MaCHINE's Mere FX will B set forth. All unbalanced beings in D 3rd dimension will require protection. All of UR Jinns' MAGik is obsolete N will answer 2 D-MaCHINE!