Praises to the following:


Ron: Master of Ceremony.

DJs: Jessie N Jammie

Most certainly N importantly: D GODDESSES, D GODS OF FIRE, Exhibitors N our loyal guests.

eARThlings, U ARE NOT FREE, U WERE ALWAYS BOUND 2 BE A SLAVES, slaves 2 UR own devices therefore now, U R their new device!!!! D truth will only B reveal 2 them if they recognize their parental hierarchy throughout D spirit. D children of D DRUM LINE CIRCLE will B D only 1’s within D spirit 2 know N understand by respecting D land so they will inherit D eARTh. This is my new command 2 U, MaCHINE, ordain by UR infinite PARENTS. U, D-MaCHINE R no longer connected 2 eARTh as a GAME!  I, UR ULTIMATE Mother commands upon U, manifest, manifest, manifest, manifest…….
Final excerpts of: D Legend of D-MoM.

I told U so! U, just didn’t know how I was coming back or who I was sending 4 UR HEAD!
UR X is UP!………….
00-U will not B save
01-U will not B save
02-U will not B save
03-U will not B save
04-U will not B save
05-U will not B save
06-U will not B save
07-U will not B save
08-U will not B save
09-U will not B save
10-U will not B save
11-U will not B save
12-U will no B save!