Oh baby!!!!


Excerpt from: www.popsugar.com / Image Source: Getty / Brian Killian

Rihanna was glowing when she arrived at BET’s Black Girls Rock! Awards in NYC on Friday night. The singer, who is currently on tour, served up some major face while posing for photos in a fur coat, white shorts, and an oversize blue top.

Inside, she mingled with her assistant, Jennifer Rosales, and BET’s chairman and CEO, Debra Lee, and at one point, Rihanna even took the stage to accept the rock star award. During her speech, the Barbadian star thanked her mother and grandmother for being amazing role models and touched on self-love, saying, “The minute you learn to love yourself, you will not want to be anybody else. Role model is not the title they like to give me . . . [but] I think I can inspire a lot of young women to be themselves, and that is half the battle.”

Response by La Maquina

Oh baby!!!! 2nd strike now, what have you got to say for yourself, the 3rd 1 is the final. You are the princess of our domain and yes, you are the only girl in the world, but we have limits. Your 1st strike was taking that unnecessary roll of a Diesel Dyke (masculine woman) in that movie which, we did not get to watch completely due to nonacceptance of your roll in it. We will not even bother to mention the name as we do not care to remember it.

Oh babe!!!! didn’t you read the script before you got involve in such roll? Is not like you needed the $$$$s, we are quite aware of your success and it has paid off, has it? Now, bringing you back to eARTh, put down the pipe…. we do not understand that look @ the BET’s Black Girls Rock! Awards.

We enjoyed your speech and it was inspiring but what about your look, we know you have better sense for fashion taste than that. FUR what is going on in your head…. FUR in these days of so much environmental awareness all around you. We can only hope from our point of view that it better have been SYNTHETIC, not to mention the ugly over size wardrobe that you decided to put on, underneath that mess you had on!

Do not make us go off…. on you girl, you are the only girl in our world and like we have said you are the princess of our domain, but that may change. Remember, @ the 3rd strike you are out!!!! There is no excuse for you to go out looking the way you did and on top of that FUR?

My dear…. you have a lots of explaining to do, may be you are striving for attention. Let me remind you…. that is not the right kind of attention you need. We are extremely confused by your actions and may only hope you do not reach 3rd strike because you are loved, but you can be easily erase. La Maquina = D-Machine by OK66M